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Among the few companies in Poland with extensive experience in the integration of automation systems, ASKOM has successfully implemented MES / MOM production management systems and LIMS quality management systems for many years. With them, our Customers may optimise their own business processes and improve the effectiveness of their production resources.


Our MES systems allow them to obtain for instance the following business advantages:

  • better transparency of the manufacturing process and thus its optimisation and reduction in losses caused by machine failures or use of low-quality materials, due to the implemented traceability of the manufacturing process (tracking & tracing)

  • higher production efficiency of the use of the machines and employees due to the implemented machine downtime management, downtime cause registration and on-line calculation of production key performance indicators (KPI, OEE, etc.)

  • reduced material stocks and thus lower storage costs, “leaner” and improved delivery logistics due to the implemented management of production warehouses and internal logistics

  • lower maintenance costs due to the implemented registration of alarms and process parameters trending (historian) and on-line monitoring of key performance indicators such as MTBF, MTTR, etc., enabling you to predict and prevent failures

  • lower costs of scraps due to the quality control management implemented directly in the production process (statistical process control and at-line tests) and laboratory (LIMS)

  • better transparency of order processing and improved production planning plus higher product safety and lower time to market due to the implemented management of recipes and production orders

  • optimised production personnel management and reduced personnel costs due to the implemented dynamic work task management

  • lower IT operation and maintenance costs for MES systems (TCO) and ensured reliability of recorded data due to system standardisation (ISA-88 and ISA-95) and on-line integration with automation process control systems (OPC / TIA) and ERP systems (SAP, Dynamics AX, QAD MFG-Pro, etc.)

  • improved quality and accuracy of information about the production process and reduced personnel costs due to the elimination of manually filled-in paper reports and the implementation of automated reporting and a multi-dimensional data analysis using the MS Reporting Services environment

Offered by Askom, the MES class production management systems are always tailored to the possibilities and specific requirements of Customers. As we watch the natural market segmentation, we address our solutions to 3 major groups:

  • MES / MOM class comprehensive production systems (Manufacturing Operations Management), which provide a full range of MES functionality – production management and quality control, are designed for large production plants and corporations, for which it is extremely important to have standardised solutions within the enterprise and to be open to the future needs keeping up with market changes.

  • MES systems for the SMB market, which offer the standard MES functionality to medium-size production companies, mostly for production parameters recording, machine downtime management and quality control, available as configurable modules which are easy and fast to implement. These systems are designed for such companies which observe increasingly that efficiency may be improved not only with expensive investments in the equipment but also with production process optimisation.

  • Dedicated MES solutions for Customers with specific requirements, e.g. for energy & media consumption management, developed at the Customer's “request” and based on a user requirements specification and needs or as extensions to the existing SCADA/HMI systems.

Askom's extensive experience has been appreciated many a time by independent establishments such as an US consulting company Frost & Sullivan, which granted the Polish SCADA Price Performance Value Leadership Award to Asix, our product used in the development of MES systems, and industry-specific portal MSI Polska, which has recently awarded us (second time) the title of the Best IT deliverer to industry 2011 in the MES category – producer / deliverer in Poland.


We also won the title of the System Integrator 2015 in the first competition organised by an industry-specific magazine Control Engineering Polska





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