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 Features of automation systems provided by ASKOM


ASKOM has extensive experience in designing and implementing automation systems based both on DCS and solutions utilising Programmable Logical Controll

  • Reliability

The requirement of high control system reliability is completely understandable - the possible failure of the system can lead to costly production line downtime, and may also pose a risk to people, machines or the environment. Hence the higher and higher demand for reliability of automation systems.

High reliability of control systems supplied by ASKOM rests on the three pillars:

1. The use of hardware and software from leading global manufacturers.
2. Redundancy of key control system components that are critical to the system operation. Practically all parts of the system can be redundant: operator workstations, servers, CPUs of control stations (fault-tolerant), communication processors, communication networks, I/O interface modules, I/O modules, power supply systems.
3. Extensive system diagnostics that enable early detection and proper diagnosis of failures occurring in the system. Extensive diagnostics are available from the visualization system, and all fault events are signalled by the alarm system. Automatic notification solutions employing text or email messages allow immediate notification of information to plant maintenance services.

Of course, the very high reliability comes at a price, and not all the system component elements are always at the same risk of failure or critical to the process being controlled. The required reliability can be usually achieved with number of different technical means. Therefore, on the one hand, each control system requires a precise formulation of the reliability requirements and, on the other hand, a detailed analysis of the available technical means to achieve it. ASKOM's know-how and expertise guarantee an optimal solution.

  • Safety

The control system is one of the key elements ensuring the safety of people, equipment, technological process and the natural environment. That's why, in each proposed and implemented control system, ASKOM places special emphasis on ensuring a high level of safety.

When a controlled manufacturing process is hazardous and the potential failure could pose a risk to health of the people or the environment, the automation systems are applied based on the concept of functional safety in accordance with the PN-EN 61508 and PN-EN 61511 standards. ASKOM has at its disposal the necessary knowledge and experience to participate in all phases of the safety system life-cycle.

The solutions in line with the requirements of the Machinery Directive are applied in machine control.

Where high safety level is required, fail-safe systems are implemented, which can detect hazardous situations, not only in the technological process but also the internal defects of the safety system. Fail-safe system components, both hardware and software modules, are tested and certified by independent bodies.

  • Open architecture

Control systems implemented by ASKOM are characterized by open architecture allowing both horizontal and vertical integration with other systems. Extensive experience in implementing various communication protocols, gained when creating communication drivers for the asix system, allows ASKOM to create virtually any communication coupling at any system level from measurement transducers to the MES / ERP systems.

  • Cutting edge technology

Automation systems designed and implemented by ASKOM are based on the cutting edge hardware and software technologies supplied by the world-leading companies in the automation industry.

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