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ASKOM mission is to integrate control, automation and management systems with the aim to achieve a Total Plant Automation.

The ASKOM offer covers the entire range of activities usually illustrated with the already classical picture of the plant automation/production management hierarchical pyramid: data acquisition/drives/ actuators level, process control/supervision level, manufacturing execution level, and the highest level of plant management. The offered activities include:

  • consulting

  • design

  • deliveries

  • pre-fabrication/assembly

  • software development

  • start-up

  • training

  • service.



ASKOM know-how covers all pyramid levels and enable us to deliver reliable solutions of all kinds, starting with classical autonomous command & control nodes serving single processes/machines, through integrated coherent computerized MES systems (monitoring, maintaining current opertions, production control), all the way up to systems integrated with plant management system modules responsible for manufacturing process logistics. The ASKOM company may be described as a Software House, a Control System Integrator and a Value Added Reseller who delivers solutions based on instrumentation, PLC controllers and DCS systems supplied by global manufacturers.


Instrumentation in our solutions is based on devices of such suppliers of repute as ABB, Endress-Hauser, Siemens, Emerson Process Management, Phoenix Contact. We reached partnership agreements with these suppliers that guarantee authorization of deliveries and distributor price level.


Process control systems in our solutions are predominantly based on the SIMATIC family of controllers made by SIEMENS, and on the GE Intelligent Platforms controllers made by General Electric, but also on controllers supplied by other manufacturers, e.g. Beckhoff, Wago, Allen-Bradley, Schneider Electric. The world-class controllers are always selected for the best available price/capability ratio in any given application with the Investor preferences taken into account. We broadly apply distributed control systems with intelligent I/O modules based on the Profibus DP, Profibus PA, CANbus and Safety systems; advantages of such solutions have been appreciated by many of our Customers who consequently follow that approach.


Computerized supervision systems are frequently based on our proprietary asix package. However, we are also technically prepared and ready to implement a visualization system supplied by another manufacturer, e.g. WinCC made by Siemens, iFIX made by Intellution, or InTouch / IAS ArchestrA made by Wonderware. As a Siemens partner and Solution Provider of GE Intelligent Platforms – producer of Proficy and iFIX systems we can receive full support necessary to develop any particular application and/or to integrate various systems. The visualization system is always selected by the Investor.





Distributed Control Systems. Very large objects that must be constantly expanded/ upgraded and/or objects that need to meet special requirements are usually controlled by DCS systems, which by their nature may be continually developed without a need to withdraw from operation the so far used equipment. DCS systems feature intelligent I/O processors, built-in redundancy that provides the highest reliability level, integration of design/visualization/process control software tools in a coherent environment of an engineering workstation. ASKOM offers the PCS7 and Teleperm systems made by Siemens as well as the MetsoDNA system made by Metso Automation (since April 2005 we have the VAR status).







Our manufacturing execution systems (MES) are usually based on the SIMATIC IT solution made by Siemens. It is a fully integrated MES solution entirely compatible with the ISA95 industry standard. The SIMATIC IT system cooperates with the most modern SQL database servers made by Oracle and Microsoft, as well as uses the Business Objects open reporting system. SIMATIC IT features a complete, integrated MES functionality:

  • product genealogy, tracking & tracing

  • real-time analysis of the KPI (performance) indicators

  • machine efficiency/downtime (OEE/DTM) management

  • full integration with ERP systems

  • SAP certificate

  • comprehensive laboratory data management (LIMS)

  • product lifecycle management (PLM)

  • flexible real time reporting.




System Integration. Various manufacturing execution/production management tasks must access information on production processes. At large diversity of industrial control and automation systems typical for many plants, ability to exchange data between various systems becomes the key issue. ASKOM has collected vast experience in integrating diverse systems. That know-how has been verified by many objects from our reference list and may also be confirmed by a rather extensive list of communication protocols supported by our asix software. Our knowledge helps to transform diversity at the manufacturing process level into an uniform, coherent system that supervises production and presents bird’s-eye view information to managers. The system is based on asix historian and SQL database servers. Information may be accessed within the AsTrend program environment or from a standard Internet browser. Internet makes our solutions barrier-less. Our experienced team of software developers may also easily integrate such a manufacturing execution/production management system with an ERP enterprise management system used by the Customer.







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