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  Conference: "ERP and what further? - how to resolve your problems"



On 5-6 June 2008 the conference "ERP and what further? - how to resolve your problems" took place in the "Wodnik" hotel in Bełchatów (Poland - Europe).  The conference was organized by the "Polish Group of QAD Application Users" Association (Stowarzyszenie "Polska Grupa Użytkowników Aplikacji QAD"). During the meeting the association's members and independent experts presented methods of improving ERP systems supporting the management of manufacturing companies. There were discussed new possibilities for extending the standard functionality of ERP systems offered by QAD company, based on individual solutions that have already been implemented with success.


Representatives of ASKOM company also took part in the conference. They presented the possibilities of MES / LIMS systems integrated with ERP systems (by Tomasz Cwołek, MES Dept. Manager), as well as MES use cases (by Krzysztof Górka, MES Dept. Deputy Manager).


Presentations in PPS format (in Polish):


download    Integracja systemów LIMS i ERP  (Power Point 2003)

download    Przykłady zastosowań systemu MES (Power Point 2003)





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