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  Automaticon 2018 - Impressions After Fairs


Time really flies fast: Automaticon 2018 is already over. The Cassandran prophecies about these fairs nearing to their end did not come true – the crowds visiting the Expo XXI rooms proved these predictions to be false! We were never short of attention, either. On the contrary: our strained throats which we had to take care of in the evening ;-) to regenerate ourselves and be able to talk to our nice guests on the next day have proved that this fair event does well.


We wish to thank everyone who found a while to visit our stand. We do hope that we have not failed your expectations and that you have become convinced that our product, Asix®, is at the forefront of the SCADA systems and its new functions and possibilities are worth being considered. More than a hundred of delegations visiting us include both our regular customers who keep us in their friendly memories as well as new and promising contacts. We are happy to see that Asix® keeps wining new fields of application and new clients.


We consider this year's Automaticon fairs to be successful. Some of us only regret that the great number of visitors translated into a high consumption of advertising fudge candies with none left for us to enjoy after our return to Gliwice. We promise you, however, that the fudge candies will be there for you next year, and they might be even better ;-) So, you are welcome to visit us at Automaticon 2019 - and not only to have the fudge candies.














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