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 Recap of the Energetab 2019 Fair


Nowadays, when you can find information about everything and handle almost everything online, including the consummation of a marriage ;-), we, at ASKOM, believe that the direct contact with our Customers is invaluable and more important than the most beautiful websites. Hence we put up our stand at the Energetab fair again and enjoyed having so many visitors there again. Thank you for visiting us and we hope you shall not forget us but will kindly remember our company and our SCADA Asix.Evo platform products, including the Asix Energy media monitoring and consumption system and the Asix OEE machinery and production line efficiency monitoring system. We believe this year's Fair was a successful event during which we met many interesting people and found out attractive offers of other exhibitors. On that account, we will come to Bielsko-Biała in a year and already would like to invite you to visit our stand.























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