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  New version of ASKOM SCADA system !



The new version of ASKOM SCADA system – asix4 will be officialy introduced during this year’s International Fair for Measurement and Control – AUTOMATICON 2005 that will take place on April 5-8 in the Warsaw International Expocentre EXPO XXI. We invite you to visit our stand No B20. The asix4 will appear on sale since 15th of April 2005. Since 1st of March 2005 every purchase of asix3 package is embraced by the guarantee of free upgrade to asix4.


With the great satisfaction we wish to present new functionality of asix4 which is ASKOM reply to increasing requirements of Users.


AsBase - no more problems with receipes / event reports


AsBase module eliminates nuances connected with the access to SQL databases. Based on a set of predefined actins and dialog windows AsBase creates an interactive environment of database design, oriented on definition and selection of receipes as well as event based process data archiving e.g. for material tracking or product “passport” reporting.


AsAlert - full control over remote applications


AsAlert is a server used to send out notifications of events / alarms. SMS messages and e-mails addressed to any number of individual addresses or their groups in accordance to the given schedule can be sent.


Multilinguality - we are in Europe


Multilinguality is a capability of dynamic switching of SCADA operator language from a set of five national languages. The operator language can be switched on-line with a push of a button. Application is designed in a chosen language while its translation to another one is supported by automatically built text list found in the application.


 Asix4Internet - you see everything wherever you are


Asix4Internet provides access to process information on Internet. Its tools include the following modules:


  • AsPortal - Portal of Process Information, ready for immediate use when connected to asix application. AsPortal displays application process database, current process values, current and historical alarms as well as data trends either in tables or grahic charts, presented in Internet browser window;

  • As2HTML - library of scripts and CSS style sheets which supports design of process visualization for Internet browser window;

  • As2WWW - set of tools for automatic conversion of asix application into IE 6 browser visualization.


asix4 continues the best features of asix3 already appreciated by its Users while integration of development environment in Run-Time packages remains its unique and invariable attribute.





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