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news  >   asix5 is already on market!



  asix5 is already on market !


We invite all the interested ones to look trough a short asix5 booklet describing its novelties but especially we encourage you to check asix5 functionality in the start-up package, free for 30 days. Please familiarize yourself also with up-to-date Price List no. IH07/2007 which among others introduces new license for 4096 process variables for operator stations and servers.


The asix5 version equipped with new components is guaranteeing not only the advanced functionality but also the great simplicity and the comfort of the service. The Architect module constitutes the real turning point in the way of creating the application. The modernized module of variables data base is storing definitions of variables in the MS SQL, database of the Jet format (MS Access) or in the Excell sheets. The new AsAudit module is opening capabilities in the range of building applications fulfilling specific requirements connected with the validation, in accordance with GAMP4, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. The remaining changes and improvements are aimed to simplify the design and creation of new options of visualization of processes. Among others, a mechanism was entered to control objects hiding, their mutual hiding from view and the animation of object location in the function of the process variables. Certainly many Users with the recognition will accept such improvements as the possibility of asix5 functioning on hardware platforms without the alphanumeric keyboard, possibility of creating bit variables trends, or simplifying access to the archived data from the level of srcipts.


To get more information, download the following brochure.

What is New in asix 5:

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