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  The "West-East Business Partnership" Forum



The "West-East Business Partnership" Forum took place in the town of Regensburg (Bawaria) in the last week of November. It concerned IT, electronics and automation. More than 150 companies from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenien, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain and other countries participated and were involved in bilateral presentations. The main task of Forum was to support companies in finding appropriate business and cooperation partners on the new, enlarged EU market which would include over 450 million consumers. Among 16 Polish companies there was ASKOM represented by Ryszard Boron, Manager of Marketing Department. During two days 14 companies had appointments with ASKOM. It turned out that particularly interesting for interlocutors was visualization system ASIX. Advanced functionality, flexibility which facilitates applications in non-standard areas, and very attractive pricing policy made ASIX a center of listeners attentions. Some of professional contacts that were made closer during informal talks hold a serious promise for a future cooperation.






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