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  Joint Appearances of ASKOM and SIEMENS Industry Software at World Class Manufacturing 2018 in Wałbrzych and Food Automation 2018 in Toruń Conferences


On 7-8 March 2018, the most beautiful Ksi±ż Castle near Wałbrzych was the venue for the anniversary 15th edition of the conference dedicated to the production sector, mainly within the automotive industry, organised under the name of World Class Production 2018 – Best WCM, LEAN and Industry 4.0 Solutions.


At the invitation of SIEMENS, one of the main sponsors, ASKOM took part in the conference and was represented by Mr Tomasz Zarzycki, Consultant for IT Systems Sales, and Mr Jakub Marszał, the MES Team Manager at the Industrial IT Systems Division.


Mr Tomasz Zarzycki from ASKOM and Mr Michał Bednarski from SIEMENS Industry Software presented the possibilities of making the Industry 4.0 idea true by means of the Digital Enterprise concept by Siemens. During the presentation, experts from ASKOM and SIEMENS were talking about such key aspects like:

  • "Closed Loop” concept - the management of change in the design and production process

  • Virtual Commissioning, that is, designing and testing of products without physical prototypes

  • Full process transparency with MOM/MES

  • On-going schedule planning with APS

  • Complex quality management based on LIMS/QMS

Our experts backed the theoretical part with exemplary implementations to let the participants learn about practical aspects of operation of intelligent production plants.


Just a month later, on April 19-20, 2018 - this time, the Bulwar Hotel, located in a historical building within the Old Town district on the Vistula Boulevards, in Nicolaus Copernicus' old city of Toruń, was a venue for the 3-rd conference Food Automation 2018 ( dedicated to broadly defined automation of production processes in the food industry.


During the conference, ASKOM was represented by Tomasz Cwołek - DIRECTOR OF PLANT IT SYSTEMS DEPT., and Jakub Marszał - MES Team Manager.


On the first day of the conference, on behalf and at the invitation of SIEMENS Industry Software, Mr Tomasz Cwołek used the example of 2 implementations of MOM SIMATIC IT in the brewing and agricultural processing industry to present the idea of the production process digitalisation for improved production and quality planning and management.


During the speech, he said: "In the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) era, digitalisation changes everything and has become a necessity for the production companies. According to a report by Nielsen, an international research company, the CPG sector which includes the food industry will go through more changes during the next 5 years than it has over the recent 50 years.”


The conference included a presentation of the latest trends in the digitalisation of production processes and their implementability based on the unique and complex systems offered by SIEMENS and designed to "vertically" integrate the MOM class IT systems for production planning (APS) and execution (MES) and for quality assurance (LIMS) and further with business systems such as e.g. SAP ERP. Furthermore, 2 exemplary MOM projects completed based on the SIMATIC IT software components by SIEMENS were presented:

  • Implementation of the MOM system integrated with the SIMATIC PCS7/Batch automation system with the use of the SIEMENS TIA technology for the largest feed manufacturer in the Near East, including complex production management (MES) and full laboratory based quality control process management (LIMS)

  • Implementation of a bottling line monitoring system, e.g. in the Polish breweries operated by one of the biggest global beer maker, directly integrated with machine PLC controllers, covering the labour time and machinery downtime management, on-going calculation of KPI indicators (MES) and central standardised result reporting system which allows you to compare output capacities of individual bottling lines in different breweries (EMI)

We wish to kindly thank you for attending both conferences and we recommend to anyone interested that they get familiar with our presentations:

  • World Class Production 2018: "Implementation of Industry 4.0 Idea - DIGITAL ENTERPRISE by Siemens”: download   Format: PDF (5,94 MB) (in Polish)

  • Food Automation 2018: "Process digitalisation for better production and quality planning and management as exemplified by 2 implementations of MOM SIMATIC IT in the brewing and agricultural processing industry”: download   Format: PDF (4,01 MB) (in Polish)












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