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The list of ASKOM references confirms that the company is able to effectively and reliably solve any issue concerning automation of production processes, process control and computerized manufacturing supervision systems. The list includes over 400 comprehensive projects accomplished for various Customers operating in such industry sectors like power industry, food industry, chemical industry, coke-making industry, cement industry, machine-building industry, steel industry, gas/water utilities.

Our reliable systems are used to control chemical systems, food industry production lines, transport systems of various kinds, hydraulic presses; to automate operation of boilers, turbine generators, heating plants, sulfur removal systems, carburizing systems, coke oven batteries and coke chemical plant; the ovens used in steel industry, check/monitor emission levels, quality of carbon electrodes, operation of gas utility networks and water supply pipelines. Thanks to our know-how we can integrate sub-systems of various suppliers into homogenous control systems supervised and managed from computer workstation level.

The figure shows breakdown of projects accomplished by ASKOM in 2009 by industry sector.

Key ASKOM Customers:
  • Akzonobel Polska

  • ArcelorMittal Poland

  • HJ Heinz Polska

  • Koksownia Częstochowa Nowa

  • Koksownia PRZYJA¬Ń

  • Kombinat Koksowniczy ZABRZE

  • Kraft Foods Polska

  • Kronospan Szczecinek

  • Mokate

  • NUTRICIA Polska

  • PGE Elektrownia Bełchatów

  • PGE Elektrownia Turów

  • PGE Elektrownia OPOLE

  • Philips Lighting Poland

  • Południowy Koncern Energetyczny

  • Saint Gobain Construction Products Polska

  • Soda Polska CIECH

  • Spółka Energetyczna Jastrzębie

  • Unilever Polska

  • Vatenfall Heat Poland

  • Zakłady Azotowe Kędzierzyn



Complete list of our references is available at our Website

Soundness of our solutions is reflected by variety of applications and multitude of industry sectors represented on the list of our references. Reliability elements built-into systems implemented in power industry (that simply have to be trustworthy) are next introduced to process control systems used in other industry sectors: cement industry, steel industry, coal mining industry. Experience gathered in accomplishing remote measurements in gas/water utility networks is next applied in remote monitoring and control of machinery operated in a power station or of some coke oven batteries. Conveyor control systems have some common features regardless whether the conveyor transports cement, ashes or coal. Our databases of technological parameters (e.g. heavy press controls) may be also used by quality assurance systems compatible with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. All process control and automation systems are based on the same fundamental principles regardless of the controlled object. Variety of successfully deployed solutions helped to gather database of knowledge on real problems that were in the past faced by our engineers, which in turn helps to quickly resolve problems encountered in subsequent projects accomplished by ASKOM. Wealth of the collected experience was used to develop our proprietary asix software platform for designing and running visualization/computerized supervision systems. We are open for needs of our Customers: we can develop any specialized process control/automation software according to the Customer expectations.

The most modern and reliable technology, competences, and experience are our strongest points. Call us if you want to deploy a new or upgrade an existing computerized process control/automation system EFFECTIVELY, QUICKLY, AND EFFICIENTLY.







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